How Custom Orthotics Can Change Your Life

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How Custom Orthotics Can Change Your Life

Foot problems can make it difficult to go about your daily life with ease. Thankfully, custom orthotics can go a long way in turning that around. Learn what benefits to look forward to.

Each of your feet contains some 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. In the best case scenarios, they all work together to give you balance, mobility, and support as you go about your life. If you have a condition that impacts any part of your feet, however, you can develop painful and potentially debilitating problems.

Enter custom orthotics. These specialized devices keep your feet in proper positions, leading to better alignment, function, and health.

At Hansen Foot & Ankle in Mill Creek, Washington, Dr. Natahan Hansen offers custom-fit orthotics to provide the best support possible when you’re dealing with a chronic foot condition.

Let’s delve into orthotics, including ways they may change your life for the better.

How custom orthotics work

Custom orthotics differ from shoe inserts you can pick up at a shoe store in that they’re designed specifically for the shape and condition of your feet. And there are a few different types.

Functional orthotics control unusual motion, for example, which makes them helpful for treating an injury. Accommodative orthotics, on the other hand, provide added cushion and support, making them useful for minimizing pain and discomfort. We also provide orthotics that combine the benefits of both of these types.

Conditions custom orthotics treat

Custom orthotics can address a broad range of foot problems, which often affect far more than your feet. By shifting your legs or body out of alignment, foot issues may also cause or worsen chronic pain in other body areas, such as your back, hips, and knees.

In addition to reducing general pain in your feet and body, custom orthotics often treat: 

  • Arthritis, or chronic joint pain
  • Bunions, or often painful bumps at the base of your big toe
  • Diabetic ulcers, or wounds that often affect the soles of your feet
  • Flat feet-related pain
  • Hammertoes, which causes abnormal bends in your toes
  • Plantar fasciitis, a leading cause of heel pain
  • Neuromas, which stem from nerve damage
  • Tendinitis, which often derives from overuse

Custom orthotics may also reduce the severity of corns and calluses on your feet, and improve stability and healing following foot surgery.

Getting started with custom orthotics

To get started with custom orthotics, Dr. Hansen will examine your feet and the way you walk. From there, he’ll take 3D images of your feet and create a mold using a special laser scanner. That mold will be used to formulate your orthotics. 

To learn more about custom orthotics or get on the path to greater comfort and mobility, call Hansen Foot & Ankle or request an appointment through our website.